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When I try to upgrade movie maker I get a sign saying pending and the app never upgrades/downloads
The same thing is hapening when I try to upgrade windows 8 to 8.1. just a pending sign with no activity or sign of activity/downloading for hours. If you do not see the Windows 8.1 update in the Windows Store, here are some of the reasons. You can find more details here http://windows.microsoft.com/. ..
2014-01-15, 2391🔥, 0💬

How to fix Kernel_Security_Check_Failure BSOD?
I just recently upgraded to windows 8 since I got a free copy from MSDN because I take Cisco courses in college and my computer was badly in need of some spring cleaning and good ol'fashion formatting anyways. Recently I've been getting these BSOD Kernel_Security_Check_Failure crashes which with a s...
2014-01-14, 6653🔥, 1💬

💬 2014-01-14 jotbo64@hotmail.com: I need help fixing problem Kernel_security_check_failure

Watchdog violation
With the new windows 8.1 update I had gotten the watchdog violation a couple of times, so I did a complete factory restore back to windows 8. That fixed it for a little while. Last night it popped up again: oops. Something went wrong. We will try and figure it out and restart your computer for you. ...
2014-01-13, 2597🔥, 0💬

Blue screen of death - driver IRQL not less or equal
I have a refurbished comp which I've had for about 6 months which has recently started giving me blue screen of death when i play games. I ran bluescreenview and I'm not sure how useful this is but Ive posted it below Filename igdkmd64.sys address in stack igdkmd64.sys+63287 product name: Intel HD G...
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Apps will not install, stuck on "pending."
have a Lenovo laptop which I recently purchased a few days ago. Windows 8 ran well without any problems until I downloaded the Windows 8.1 update. This is when things screwed up. I somehow ended up with the blue screen where I then ended up factory resetting my computer. After this reset, I attempte...
2014-01-01, 4923🔥, 0💬

On my Administrator account, I am stuck on Desktop.
I am an admin user of my pc on Windows 8. When I start the windows it stuck on windows 8 desktop, and not going to the main desktop. I am able to use the "Other User" account but not my own. Is there any solution for this problem? This issue might have caused due to user profile corruption issues or...
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Product key?
I recently purchased windows 8 online through amazon, and there is no product key on package or email confirmation. I can't install windows onto my newly built pc unless I get the product key. What do I do? . Did you purchase a boxed license or a OEM System Builder license? Box license, you will fin...
2013-12-18, 2705🔥, 0💬

My laptop won't start after sleep
I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad S510p with Windows 8. When I brought it home I updated it to 8.1. If I let the computer go to sleep, it becomes completely unresponsive until I hard restart it (hold the power button down). This issue may cause due to power management issues. I would suggest you to try t...
2013-12-04, 3139🔥, 0💬

microsoft exchange
Trying to get .pab from old HD in new external HD. Instructed to use messaging service such as outlook (which I think you have to buy) or Microsoft exchange. How do I set it up? A PAB file is a physical file that is stored on your computer system. The file contains a ".pab" file name extension. Outl...
2013-11-22, 2351🔥, 0💬

ImageMagick "identify -verbose" Option
What is the ImageMagick "identify -verbose" command option? How can I use it? The ImageMagick "identify -verbose" command option returns detailed information about the image file. For example: 1. Go download a picture in .jpg format and save it as test.jpg. 2. Open a command line window. 3. Run "ide...
2013-11-14, 5100🔥, 0💬

Features of ImageMagick
What are main features of ImageMagick? What can I do with ImageMagick? Here are just a few examples of what ImageMagick can do: Format conversion: convert an image from one format to another (e.g. PNG to JPEG). Transform: resize, rotate, crop, flip or trim an image. Transparency: render portions of ...
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My cd drive wont read my windows 8 disc but reads other disc's fine
I have multiple copies of windows 8 discs here. I have tried mulitple copies in my CD drive and the CD drive will not read the discs at all. Yet I still can read other discs in my cd drive. Though other CD’s are able to be read, you are unable to read the Windows 8 CD that you have. To understand...
2013-11-08, 2746🔥, 0💬

Picture Quality Level of Samsung SGH-i937
What are JPG/JPEG compression quality levels supported in Samsung SGH-i937 cell phone? Its Photo Quality setting provides 3 options: High, Medium and Low. To figure out the JPG/JPEG compression quality levels corresponding to High, Medium and Low photo quality options in Samsung SGH-i937 cell phone,...
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Picture Quality Level of LG P925
What are JPG/JPEG compression quality levels supported in Samsung LG P925 cell phone? Its Image Quality setting provides 3 options: "Super fine", "Fine" and "Normal". To figure out the JPG/JPEG compression quality levels corresponding to "Super fine", "Fine" and "Normal" image quality options in LG ...
2013-11-06, 2517🔥, 0💬

Perceptible Quality Loss of JPG/JPEG Compression
At what JPG/JPEG compression level should I see perceptible quality losses? In general, quality levels of 90% or higher are considered "high quality". At 90%, there is very little difference in smooth areas. But edges of objects are not as crisp as the original picture. Quality level of 80% to 90% i...
2013-11-04, 2620🔥, 0💬

JPG/JPEG File Format for Pictures
What is JPG/JPEG file format? JPG or JPEG is a short name for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is a very popular encoding format for storing pictures. JPEG was developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group committee in 1992, and approved as ISO standard, ISO 10918-1, in 1994. JPG or JPEG ...
2013-10-31, 2763🔥, 0💬

Pixel Size of Pictures
What is the pixel size of a pictures? Pixel size, sometimes called image size, or picture resolution, of a picture refers to the number of pixels used to represent the picture in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. For example, if a camera says it has a 8M (3264x2448) photo resolution, it means...
2013-10-31, 2655🔥, 0💬

"IP Helper - iphlpsvc.dll" Service on Windows XP
What is "IP Helper" in my Windows XP service list? And how is "IP Helper" service related to iphlpsvc.dll? "IP Helper" is a Windows XP service that "Provides tunnel connectivity using IPv6 transition technologies (6to4, ISATAP, Port Proxy, and Teredo), and IP-HTTPS. If this service is stopped, the c...
2013-10-31, 14602🔥, 1💬

💬 2013-10-31 kevin: Warning: Starting "IP Helper" service may cause issues when running Windows 7 system!

Unable to access apps from Start Screen/ Desktop
recently changed my Windows Live password and on the PC Settings tab it askes me to 'trust my PC'. When I click this it tries to connect me to the internet but it wont work as its one of the features I am unable to access! How do I trust my PC? The "Trust my PC" does need access to the internet as i...
2013-10-30, 2963🔥, 0💬

Handwriting recognition in Windows 8
As a physician I use handwriting recognition extensively. I used Lenovo tablet 201t daily for 3 years. I just acquired Lenovo Helix. Both are high quality computers. The major problems I have with input panel are opening and closing, two lines filling the computer screen, and no delete button. How d...
2013-10-23, 3395🔥, 1💬

💬 2013-10-23 james: I think you can delete by putting a line through what you want deleted.

How to transfer user settings to a new profile
My Windows 7 Laptop broke. I then had to buy a new Windows 8 laptop. I paid someone (PC World, UK) to retrieve my data. They did so by backing up the user profiles in the format: 'Users' > 'Default'; 'Myname'; 'Public'; etc. I have tried using Windows Easy Transfer to move these profiles to my new c...
2013-10-04, 3184🔥, 0💬

Disk utilization goes to 100% on Windows 8
I have Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit. Whenever I install or uninstall a program the Disk utilization goes to 100% and I can't do anything else while it's at 100% Usually it's either Microsoft Windows Search Indexer or Microsoft Antimalware Service Executable are at the top of the list. It's very frust...
2013-10-04, 5117🔥, 1💬

💬 2013-10-04 c: Your priority on these tasks may be on high or realtime, if so you can try setting those tasks normal or below normal.

deleting files in temporary folders? also exe ones?
Windows 8 I had some malware type Babylon, delta :: I also downloaded bluestacks, to be able to use android apps. I have some .exe & .ini files in some temporary folders. For example Postbuild.exe is 3 times with 3 different dates in a temporary folder. Do I delete all of them? Which files (exte...
2013-10-03, 2608🔥, 0💬

How to open ice.doc file
how to open ice.doc file "ice" is the filename. "doc" is the file extension. "doc" indicates it is likely a Microsoft Word file. Anything that can open a Microsoft Word file should be able to open it given it is labeled correctly.
2013-09-25, 2518🔥, 0💬

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