Generating a Standard Report


I have a table with many record in a MS Access table. How do I create a report to list all records in the table?



Assuming that you have a table called Transaction in MS Access 2000 with these fields:

  • id - AutoNumber: The primary key giving an unique ID for each transaction.
  • trans_date – Date/Time: The date and time of this transaction.
  • account_id - Number: A foreign key pointing to a record in the Account table.
  • amount – Currency: The amount to credit to or debit from an account.
  • remark - Text: Any notes for this transaction.

This tutorial shows you how to create a standard report for a given table.

1. Click "Reports" in the Objects list. Then double click “Create report by using wizard”. The “Report Wizard” shows up.

2. Select “Transaction” in the Tables/Queries field. Click “>>” icon to select all fields. Then click “Next”.

3. If the “Do you want to add any grouping levels?” screen shows up, click “Next” to skip it.

4. On the “What sort order do you want for your records?” screen, select “trans_date” as the sorting column. Then click “Next”.

5. Select “Tabular” as the layout and click “Next”.

6. Select “Corporate” as the style and click “Next”.

5. Enter “Transaction Report” as the report name and click “Finish”. A report will be generated as shown in this picture: MS Access Standard Report

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