Getting #Name? In a Form Field


Why am I getting “#Name?” in a form field?



If you open a form and see “#Name?” in a form field, it means that the Control Source of this field is linked to a non-existing column on the underlying table. The main reason is that you probably modified the underlying table structure by renaming or deleting columns. This tutorial shows what happens to the form if a column is renamed in the underlying table.

0. Continue from the previous tutorial to create the tabular form.

1. Click "Tables" in the Objects list. Then double click the “Account” table to open it. Click the design icon in the icon bar. The design window shows up.

2. Right click the “remark” column and select “Cut” command to delete the column. Save the change and close the design window.

3. Click “Forms” in the Objects list. Double click the “Account List” form. The form window shows up with “#Name?” displayed in the “remark” field.

4. Right click on the “remark” field and select the “Properties” command. The properties dialog box shows up. Click the “Data” tab. You will see the value of the “Control Source” setting is “remark” as shown in the picture: MS Access Invalid Control Source - #Name?

To fix the “#Name?” issue, you need to add the column “remark” back to the “Account” table.

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