Creating a Standard Columnar Form


I have created a table in MS Access. How do I create a form to help enter data into the table?



Assuming you have a table in MS Access called Account with these columns:

id - AutoNumber: The primary key giving of each account.
client_id - Number: A foreign key pointing to the Client table.
bank_id - Number: A foreign key pointing to the Bank table.
name - Text: The name of this account.
ref_number - Text: A reference number for this account.
status - Text: The status of this account.
remark - Text: Any notes for this account.

This tutorial shows you how to create a standard columnar form with the form wizard in MS Access 2000.

1. Click "Forms" in the Objects list. Then "Create form by using wizard". The "Form Wizard" dialog box shows up.

2. Select "Table: Account" in the Tables/Queries list. Then click ">>" icon to select all Available fields. Click Next. The layout selection shows up.

3. Select Columnar and click Next. The style selection shows up.

4. Select Standard and click Next. The title question shows up.

5. Enter "Account Form" as the title and click Finish. The simple standard form is created for the Account table.

6. Click ">*" icon at the bottom of the form to enter a new record in form as show in the picture below: MS Access Standard Form

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