Using Multiple Selections in Form Design


In MS Access form design, can I select multiple fields and modify their properties simultaneously?



Yes. You can. This tutorial shows you how to use multiple selection in Form Design to modify the Text Align property of all field labels in MS Access 2000.

Usually, the standard form created by the form wizard in MS Access 2000 does not look good. For example, all field labels are aligned to the left.

Here are steps you can use to change the form design to make all field labels aligned to the right.

0. Continue from the previous tutorial to create the columnar form.

1. Double click on "Account Form". Account Form opens up in the form view mode.

2. Right mouse click on the form and select "Form Design". Account Form changes to the design view mode.

3. Press down and hold the shift key. Then click field labels one by one to make them all selected.

4. Right mouse click on one of the selected label and click Properties. The multiple Selection properties dialog box shows up.

5. Click the Format tab, click the Text Align property and select Right. All labels will be aligned to the right as shown in the picture below:
MS Access Form Design Multiple Selection

6. Click "X" icon on the top right corner to close the properties dialog box.

7. Right mouse click on the form and select "Form View". All field labels are aligned to the right now.

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