Creating Relationships among Tables


In my MS Access 2000 database, I have 4 tables: Bank, Client, Account, and Transaction. How to build relationships among those tables?



This tutorial shows you how to create 3 relationships:

  • = Account.bank_id – Linking an account to a Bank record.
  • = Account.client_id – Linking an account to a Client record.
  • = Transaction.account_id – Linking a transaction to an Account record.

1. Click the relationships icon in the icon bar. The relationships window opens up.

2. Right click on the window and select the “Show All” command. All 4 tables show up.

3. Double click on the relationships window. The Edit Relationships dialog box shows up.

4. Click the “Create New” button. The Create New dialog box shows up.

5. Enter these values and click OK to close the dialog box:

Left Table Name: Client
Left Column Name: id
Right Table Name: Account
Right Column Name: client_id

MS Access Creating Relationships

5. Click the “Create” button on the Edit Relationships dialog box. The first relationship is created.

6. Repeat these steps to create other 2 relationships.

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