Accepting Bluetooth Pairing from Windows Phone on Windows 7


How to accept Bluetooth pairing from a Windows Phone on a Windows 7 computer?



If you are trying to pair your Samsung SGH-i937 Windows Phone to your Windows 7 laptop as shown in the previous tutorial, you need to accept the pairing using these steps:

1. On your Windows 7 laptop, make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled with "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer" turned on.

2. On your Windows Phone, tap on "Settings" > "Bluetooth" in the menu and make sure that "Searching and discoverable" is "on".

3. Locate the Bluetooth name "NEW_LAPTOP" that represents your Windows 7 computer. and tap "tap to pair" below the name.

4. Go to your Windows 7 computer immediately. You see a pop up message displayed:

A Bluetooth device is trying to connect
Click to allow this.

5. Click on the pop up message. You see the "Add a device" window showing up:

Compare pairing codes between your computer and this device
This will verify that you are connecting to the correct device.

095494                         SAMSUNG SGH-i937

Does the code above match the code on the device:
(*) Yes
( ) No
( ) The device is not displaying a code

6. Click "Next" to accept the pairing request from your Samsung SGH-i937 Windows Phone. See the picture below:

Bluetooth Accept Pairing from Windows Phone
Bluetooth Accept Pairing from Windows Phone

7. Go back to Windows Phone and tap on [OK] to finish up the pairing.


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