Device Drivers When Pairing Windows Phone with Windows 7


What are device drivers installed on Windows 7 with pairing with a Windows Phone?



If you pair your Samsung SGH-i937 Windows Phone to your Windows 7 laptop computer as shown in previous tutorials, some Bluetooth device drivers will be installed on your laptop as shown below:

1. On your Windows 7 laptop, make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled with "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer" turned on.

2. On your Windows Phone, tap on "NEW_LAPTOP" to initiate the Bluetooth pairing under the "Settings" > "Bluetooth" menu.

3. On your Windows 7 laptop, click the pop up Bluetooth message. And follow the instruction to accept the pairing.

4. Back on your Windows Phone, tap on [OK] to finish up the pairing.

5. Back on your Windows 7 laptop, you see "Driver Software Installation" window showing up:

Your device is ready to use

Bluetooth AV Remote Control Target   Ready to use
Bluetooth AV Source                  Ready to use
Bluetooth Headset AG                 Ready to use
Bluetooth Hands-free AG              Ready to use


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