Play Music Stored in Windows Phone on Windows 7


How to play music stored in my Windows Phone on my Windows 7 laptop computer?



If your Samsung SGH-i937 Windows Phone is paired with your Windows 7 laptop computer, you can play music stored in your phone on your laptop using these steps:

1. Pair your Windows Phone to your Windows 7.

2. On Windows phone, start to play your favorite music.

3. On Windows 7, go to "Bluetooth Device Control" for "SAMSUNG SGH-i937".

4. Click "Connect" next to "Music and Audio" in the "Phone Operations" section. You see the "SAMSUNG SGH-i937" AV remote control showing up. The music is playing on your laptop speakerphone now.

You can stop and play the music with the remote control. See the picture below:

Bluetooth AV Remote Control
Bluetooth AV Remote Control


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