Remove Bluetooth Pairing from Windows Phone to Windows 7


How to remove Bluetooth pairing to my laptop from my Windows Phone?



If your Samsung SGH-i937 Windows Phone is paired with your Windows 7 laptop computer, you can remove the Bluetooth pairing using these steps:

1. On your Windows Phone, tap on "Settings" > "Bluetooth" menu. You see "NEW_LAPTOP" listed as a Bluetooth device.

2. If "connected" is displayed under "NEW_LAPTOP", tap on "NEW_LAPTOP" to disconnect the Bluetooth connection.

3. Press and hold on "NEW_LAPTOP" until the "delete" option shows up.

4. Tap on "delete". Windows Phone will remove the Bluetooth pairing with your Windows 7 laptop computer.

5. See the "tap to pair" displayed under "NEW_LAPTOP" to confirm that the Bluetooth pairing is removed correctly.


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