After burning an ISO file, this file can't be deleted.


I've installed Windows 8 RP x64 on a x64 machine and when I burn an iso to the disk, once done the disk is ejected which is all right then I want to delete the .iso file and I receive the message shown in this screenshot :

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Problem solved. It was when connecting a Iomega eGo Encrypt Plus 500gig that was making Windows 8 unstable.
The problem is when it is connected, it makes 2 drives. For me it makes F: and G:

F: 500gig NTFS - > Everything is all right
G: 16MB FAT -> HUGE PROBLEM..............

This G: Drive can't be removed. it's part of the usage for this device.

Connecting this device makes Windows8 really messy. Not functioning correctly, Very slow and even crashes so I advise anybody else in this situation not to connect such drive unless there's something I'm unaware of that could lead to a resolution for this issue.

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