Testing Data Download Speed on Windows Phone


How can I test the data download speed of my Windows Phone?

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You test the data download speed of your Windows Phone using the testmyiphone.com site as shown in this tutorial:

1. On Start, tap "Internet Explorer" and enter "testmyiphone.com" in the address field.

2. On testmyiphone.com home, tap the "Start Test" button, then the "512KB" button.

3. Wait for the test to finish. You will receive a test report similar to this:

0.54 Mbps (539 Kbps / 66 kB/s)
Transferred 512 KB in 7.8 seconds

Your connection is 0.54 Mbps (539 Kbps)
You downloaded at 66 kB/s
You are 0.34 times faster than EDGE

This download speed is probably a DSL speed.

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