Linking Music Folder to Windows Media Player 12


How to link more music folders to the Music Player Library in Windows Media Player 12? I have some music folders in my external drive.



By dedault, Windows Media Player 12 only links only 1 folder in the Music Player Library, the music home folder, "C:\Users\yourid\Music" on a Windows 7 computer.

If you have music files stored in other folders or drives, you need to linke them to the Music Player Library with these steps:

1. Run Windows Media Player 12.

2. Go to "Library > Music"

3. Right-click on "Music"

4. Select "Manage Music library" in the context menu. You see the Music Player Library link locations screen.

5. Click the "Add" button to add another music folder, for example "E:\Africa Music" from an external drive.

6. Click "OK" to save the change. Windows Media Player 12 will gather details from each music files in "E:\Africa Music" to update the Music Player Library.

The next time you start Windows Media Player 12, your Music Player Library will have those additional music included.

The picture below shows you Music Player Library link locations: Adding Folders to the Music Player Library

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