Generating Popup Windows as Browser Windows


How to generate popup windows as Web browser windows?



If you want to generate a popup window as a real browser window, you can use the method. See the following JavaScript code outline:

<a href="javascript:pWindowOpen();">Click your ...
<script language="JavaScript">
*  Popup Blocker Test - P_WINDOW_OPEN
*  - Popup Windows in Forms of Browser Windows
*  A popup window shows up in the form of a browser window.
*  JavaScript codes implemented to call the code method.
*  Version of 2007.01.01
*  Download at
*  Copyright (C) 2007 All rights reserved.
function pWindowOpen() {
   fyicenterWin ='popup_blocker_test_...

You can also visit Popup Blocker Test - P_WINDOW_OPEN page to get the complete source code and to see how it works.

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