Popup Windows Triggers When Pages Are Loaded


How to trigger popup windows automatically when pages are loaded with JavaScript?

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If you want to generate a popup window whenever a Web page is loaded, you can use the "onload" attribute in the HTML BODY tag to call a predefined JavaScript function. See the following JavaScript code outline:

<body onload="pBodyOnloadTest();">
*  Popup Blocker Test - P_BODY_ONLOAD
*  - Popup Windows Triggered by Page Loading Events
*  A popup window shows up when a page is loaded into the
*  browser. JavaScript codes implemented on the onload 
*  event of the BODY tag.
*  Version of 2007.01.01
*  Download at http://sqa.fyicenter.com/tools/
*  Copyright (C) 2007 FYIcenter.com. All rights reserved.
function pBodyOnloadTest() {
   fyicenterWin = window.open('', 'Popup', 'toolbar=no,sc...
   fyicenterWin.document.write('<html><body bgcolor="#eee...
   fyicenterWin.document.write('<p><b>P_BODY_ONLOAD Test<...
   fyicenterWin.document.write(' - Popup Window Triggered...
   fyicenterWin.document.write(' - Developed by FYIcenter...
   fyicenterWin.document.write('<p><img src="/popup_test_f...
   fyicenterWin.document.write('If you see this popup win...

You can also visit Popup Blocker Test - P_BODY_ONLOAD page to get the complete source code and to see how it works.

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