Terminating Programs That Are not Responding to Any User Inputs


How to terminate a program that does not respond to its interface?

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Sometimes applications may encounter bad situations which they are not capable to handle properly, and end up in a jammed status - not responding to any user inputs. You can not even close them through the normal Close buttons or commands.

One easy way to terminate a program that does not respond to normal user inputs, is to use the Windows Task Manager.

1. Assuming that your Internet Explorer window stopped responding to user inputs for some reason.

2. Press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> keys together. Windows Security dialog box shows up.

3. Click the Task Manager button. Windows Task Manager window shows up.

4. Click the Applications tab. You should see Internet Explorer listed with "Not Respond.." status as shown in this picture:
Windows Task Manager End Task.

5. Select Internet Explorer and click the End Task button. You should see an End Program dialog box with a message saying "This program is not responding".

6. Click the End Now button to terminate Internet Explorer as shown in this picture:
Program Not Responding End Now.

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