Changing Colour of Dialogue Box's interior from white in Windows 8


How do I change the default interior color of Dialogue boxes in Windows 8? I do not need to alter the Brightness or re-calibrate the display. I do not wish to change the color of just the borders of Windows. On previously versions (XP etc) I was able to change the default white in-fill to a shade of pink which aided me manage my dyslexia. I wish to do this on my new Laptop, and have been unable to negotiate through the Control Panel options to locate the correct function to do this.

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The ability to change individual parts of the Windows colour scheme was removed from Windows 8 - I cannot see any reason why they chose to do this.

They do supply various 'themes' for windows and you can download more, but in my experience they probably won't help.

I use a pale green background on my MS Office programs as I find the white just too bright. You can still change these on Office 2010, but they have removed this facility on Office 2013. Office 2013 is particularly glaring and hence I have stuck with 2010.

However I helped someone in your position many years back by applying a pale coloured 'Gel' from a theatrical supplier over their monitor. (Gels are used to colour lights in theatres, including spotlights.)

A pale red may do what you require - but is not as satisfactory as changing the windows settings.

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