OneDrive App Syncing Question on Win 8


I am in the process of doing a factory reset on my lap top and wanted to Sync some of my previous data after.

When syncing 'Apps - The list of apps I've installed' with Onedrive after logging in with your Microsoft account, I was just wondering what is considered an 'app'? Is it just something I bought in the app store or is it anything I previously installed/downloaded on my computer? For example, if I downloaded Diablo 3, is that considered an app or is it a separate file that I should have backed up on a USB? Do I have to download all the apps again or with syncing, does it do it automatically?

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Unfortunately the term "app" has recently come to mean something very specific to many people: a program that is invoked when you click on a tile in the Metro/Modern interface.

But that's not what it means to everybody. As far as I'm concerned, "app" is simply short for "application," and "application is a word that essentially means the same thing as "program." So to me, all programs are "apps." What Microsoft means by "app" in this particular case, I have no idea. They have confused many people with their non-traditional use of the word, and they are inconsistent in its use.

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