How do I disable the overwrite key on Windows 8?


My keyboard keeps turning on the overwrite feature, but I can't figure out how it is happening. One minute stuff moves to the right when I'm inserting something, the next minute it is overwriting it instead. The INS key does not work at all to turn it off, but at times the keyboard seems to correct itself and go back to what I want it to do - move the type to the right - NOT overwrite it. This has been a major pain in the neck for me and googling it brings up all kinds of advice for ENabling it, even though I'm googling how to DISable it. This is a new computer and I hate it. I especially hate Windows 8!

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What is the application you are using? Are you using the Web browser to enter data on the web site? Or using Microsoft Word to create a document?

The "Insert" key on your keyboard allows you to switch between "Insert" mode and "Overwrite" mode. But the application are you using can decide to support this function or not.

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