How do you see the answer to your question?


I asked a question, but there was no place to put my email or contact information to be notified when there is an answer. How the heck do you see any answers? Also, the anti-spam question at the bottom is ridiculous. I had no idea what the answer was and took a guess that the asterisk meant to multiply the numbers. Why don't they just put an "x" so it was clear that's what they wanted us to do?! Better yet, don't require math skills just to submit a stupid question! That was apparently right because the screen acted like the question was submitted. However, I have no idea how to follow up to see the answers. It would be helpful if this site provided more information on how it works.

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Thanks to the guest who left these valuable comments and questions. We will be working on the following areas to improve the site:

  • Adding contact email field.
  • Making the anti-spam question easier to understand.
  • Changing '*' to '×' as the multiplication sign.
  • Adding help information on how to use the site. Team

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