How to Transfer Data between two laptops using LAN Cable


Can someone help me with the steps to connect a windows 8 64bit laptop and a windows 7 32bit laptop via a ethernet cable and how can i transfer files ?

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1. Insert IP address in both computer .

Open control panel window.

Choose Network and Sharing Center button.

Then you find a pop up box of Network and Sharing Center. Here, click on Change adapter setting.

In Network Connections Pop –up Window, right click on correctly installed LAN Card hardware adapter in your computer and select its properties.

Then Local Area Connection (LAN) properties window is appearing. Choose Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) button and click on properties option.

Now enter IP (Internet protocol) address in both computers manually according to below and select OK Option.

First computer (computer name – NAVIN – PC)

Enter IP Address: –

Enter Subnet mask: –

Second computer (computer name- ABHISHEK – PC)

Enter IP Address: –

Enter Subnet mask: –

After inserting IP address in both computer properly, restart it.

when computer will load windows 7, click on start search box and type network. click on this link.

In network tab, you find all connected computers in networking under similar workgroup.

How to share computer drives to transfer files over network ?

When both computers are showing in network tab and want to share computer drives

At first, open computer explorer window of the first computer, press right click on opted drive partition which we want to share with another computer over network.

From drop down menu list, choose share with option.

Now select Advance Sharing button.

A new tab of opted drive properties is appearing. click on Advance Sharing option.

check this box – share this folder option and now click on ok button.

Now we have done drive sharing in LAN networking successfully.

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