What Is 'sc.exe' Command on Windows 7?


What is "sc.exe" command on Windows 7? Can I use it to manage services, like start or stop a service?

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"sc.exe" is a command line tool that allows you to create, delete and manage Windows services on Windows 7 systems. "sc.exe" is actually the interface to the SC (Service Controller). Here is how Microsoft describes it:

Communicates with the Service Controller and installed services. SC.exe retrieves and sets control information about services. You can use SC.exe for testing and debugging service programs. Service properties stored in the registry can be set to control how service applications are started at boot time and run as background processes. SC.exe parameters can configure a specific service, retrieve the current status of a service, as well as stop and start a service. You can create batch files that call various SC.exe commands to automate the startup or shutdown sequence of services. SC.exe provides capabilities similar to Services in the Administrative Tools item in Control Panel.

The best way to start the "sc.exe" is to run it in a command line window:

1. Enter "cmd" in the Start button search box. Then click "cmd.exe" in the suggested match list. You will see a black window with a command prompt.

2. Enter "sc.exe QueryLock" at the prompt to execute the "sc.exe" command. You will see the Service Controller locking status:

C:\Users\fyicenter>sc.exe QueryLock
[SC] QueryServiceLockStatus SUCCESS
        IsLocked      : FALSE
        LockOwner     :
        LockDuration  : 0 (seconds since acquired)

The picture below shows you an example of the command line window executing the "sc.exe" command:
Windows 7 sc.exe - Service Controller Command Line Tool

See https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490995.aspx for more information on "sc.exe" command.


Run 'sc.exe' Service Controller Command on Windows 7?

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'sc.exe' - Service Controller Command on Windows 7

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