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How to create a directory in Windows PowerShell? Can I use the old "mkdir" command?



Yes, you can still use the old "mkdir" command in Windows PowerShell. But "mkdir" is defined as an alias of the "New-Item" cmdlet.

The "New-Item" cmdlet creates a new directory or file. The "New-Item" cmdlet requires 2 minimum parameters:

  • "-Name ..." - Specify the name of the new directory or file. This parameter is defined as the first positioned parameter. So you can provide the name of the new item as the first parameter without parameter name.
  • "-Type directory|file" - Specify the type of the new item.

After the new item is created, "New-Item" cmdlet returns the new item as an object. The example below creats a new directory under the current directory:

PS C:\fyicenter> New-Item -Type Directory logs

    Directory: C:\fyicenter

Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
----                -------------     ------ ----
d----          5/1/2016   7:11 PM            logs

Note that "mkdir" is defined as alias of "New-Item -Type Directory". So the following 2 commands are identical::

mkdir docs
New-Item -Type Directory docs

You can also use "New-Item" for create a new file with content as shown below:

PS C:\fyicenter> New-Item logs\today.log -Type File -Value "- Server started"

    Directory: C:\fyicenter\logs

Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
----                -------------     ------ ----
-a---          5/1/2016   7:12 PM         16 today.log


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