Rename Directory or File in Windows PowerShell


How to rename a directory or file in Windows PowerShell? Can I use the old "ren" command?



Yes, you can still use the old "ren" command in Windows PowerShell. But "ren" is defined as an alias of the "Rename-Item" cmdlet.

The "Rename-Item" cmdlet changes the name of a specified item, for example a directory or a file in on file system. This cmdlet does not affect the content of the item being renamed.

You cannot use Rename-Item to move an item, such as by specifying a path along with the new name. To move and rename an item, use the Move-Item cmdlet.

The "Rename-Item" cmdlet requires 2 minimum parameters:

  • "-Path ..." - Specify the path of the directory or file to be renamed. This parameter is defined as the first positioned parameter. So you can provide the path as the first parameter without parameter name.
  • "-NewName ..." - Specify the new name of the item. This parameter is defined as the second positioned parameter. So you can provide the new name as the second parameter without parameter name.

The example commands below shows how to use the "Rename-Item" cmdlet to rename a directory and a file:

PS C:\fyicenter> # Renaming a directory
PS C:\fyicenter> Rename-Item logs temp

PS C:\fyicenter> # Renaming a file
PS C:\fyicenter> Rename-Item temp\today.log temp.txt

PS C:\fyicenter> dir temp

    Directory: C:\fyicenter\temp

Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
----                -------------     ------ ----
-a---          5/1/2016   7:12 PM         16 temp.log


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