Get and Change Directory in Windows PowerShell


How to get and change the current directory of the file system in Windows PowerShell?



You can use the following cmdlets to get or change the current directory in a file system:

"Get-Location" cmdlet (or "pwd" alias) returns an object that represents the current directory, much like the pwd (print working directory) command.

"Set-Location" cmdlet (or "cd" alias) sets the working location to a specified directory in a file system.

"Push-Location" cmdlet adds ("pushes") the current location onto a location stack. If you specify a path, Push-Location pushes the current location onto a location stack and then changes the current location to the location specified by the path. You can use the Pop-Location cmdlet to get locations from the location stack.

"Pop-Location" cmdlet changes the current location to the location most recently pushed onto the stack by using the Push-Location cmdlet.

Here is a sample script on how to use cmdlets to manage the current location:

"I am here: "+(pwd)
Set-Location "C:\Windows\System32"
"Now I moved to: "+(Get-Location)
dir "*.hlp"
"I am back: "+(pwd)

If you run the script, you will get:

PS C:\fyicenter> .\Test.ps1

I am here: C:\fyicenter
Now I moved to: C:\Windows\System32

    Directory: C:\Windows\System32

Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
----                -------------     ------ ----
-a---         6/10/2009   5:42 PM      10790 EDIT.HLP

I am back: C:\fyicenter


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