Start/Stop Services with Task Manager on Windows 8


How to start or stop services with Task Manager on Windows 8?



You can start or stop a service with Task Manager on Windows 8 using these steps:

1. Enter "taskmgr.exe" in the Start button search box. Then right-click "taskmgr.exe" in the suggested match list.

2. Select "Run as administrator" from the context menu. You will see the "Task Manager" window.

3. Click the "Services" tab. Then scroll up and down to select the service you are interested in, for example, "Spooler"

4. Right-click "Services". Then select "Start service" or "Stop service" from the context menu. The service will be started or stopped.

If you get an error message of "The operation could not be completed - Access is denied.", you are not running Task Manager as an administrator. Restart with step 1 and 2 correctly.

4. The picture below shows you how to start "Spooler" service with Task Manger:
Windows 8 Task Manager - Start/Stop Services


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