"ehprivjob.exe" Process on Windows 7


What is the "ehprivjob.exe" process on windows 7? Is the "ehprivjob.exe" process a virus? Can I terminate the "ehprivjob.exe" process?

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"ehprivjob.exe" process represents "Digital TV Tuner device registration application" program. "ehsched.exe" process is created by the service: "Windows Media Center Scheduler Service".

"ehprivjob.exe" process is normally running under the parent process "services" as shown in the process tree below:


On the Processes tab of "Task Manager", "ehprivjob.exe" process may be listed as:

Image Name                 Memory   Description
--------------------   ----------   -----------
ehprivjob.exe             3,228 K   Digital TV Tuner device registration application

Additional information about "ehprivjob.exe" process:

Command line:

Programe file information:
   Name: ehprivjob.exe
   Location: C:\Windows\ehome\ehprivjob.exe
   Description: Digital TV Tuner device registration application
   Version: 6.1.7600.16385 
   Size: 295936 bytes
   sdsLast modified: 11/20/2010 10:24:42 PM   
   Company name: Microsoft Corporation

"ehprivjob.exe" process is not a virus. You should not terminate "ehprivjob.exe" process.


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