What Is "tasklist.exe" Command on Windows 8?


What is "tasklist.exe" command on Windows 8? Can I use it to review processes that are running on my computer?

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"tasklist.exe" is a command line tool that allows you to list tasks (actually search and view processes) that are running on your Windows 8 computer.

The best way to start the "tasklist.exe" is to run it in a command line window:

1. Enter "command" in the Apps search box. Then click "Command Prompt" in the suggested match list. You will see a black window with a command prompt.

2. Enter "tasklist.exe /M net*" at the prompt to execute the "tasklist.exe" command. You will see a list of processes that are running with any "net*" modules:

C:\Users\fyicenter>tasklist.exe /M net*

Image Name                     PID Modules
========================= ======== ============================================
taskhost.exe                  2736 netprofm.dll, NETAPI32.dll, netutils.dll
explorer.exe                  2836 netutils.dll, NetworkStatus.dll,
                                   netprofm.dll, NetworkExplorer.dll,
tasklist.exe                  2964 NETAPI32.dll, netutils.dll

The picture below shows you an example of the command line window executing the "tasklist.exe" command:
Windows 8 tasklist.exe - Task List Command Line Tool

See https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb491010.aspx for more information on "tasklist.exe" command.


Run "tasklist.exe" Command on Windows 8?

"tasklist.exe" Command on Windows 8

"tasklist.exe" Command on Windows 8

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