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How to setup a HP laptop computer? I want to buy the new HP laptop computer on sale at Walmart for about $900.00. But the salesman told me that it requires the initial system setup done by the technician at the store, which would cost about $150.00. How can I do the initial system setup by myself?



Yes, you can easily setup your new HP laptop with Windows 10 in less than 1 hour. Here are the main steps:

1. Preparation - Just connect your laptop to a power outlet. The Windows system is already stored on the hard disk in your laptop.

2. Power on - Press the power button to turn on the computer. The computer will boot up by itself and going through some initial preparation steps.

3. If there is any issue found, you will see the quick setup screen. Enter your selections on the screen.

4. If Internet connection is needed to get updates from HP or Microsoft Websites, you will see Wi-Fi connection screen. Finish the Wi-Fi connection.

5. When the normal setup process started, you will see the country or region selection screen. Select your country or region.

6. Then select your keyboard layout.

7. Select a second keyboard layout and language.

8. Accept license agreements. See the next tutorial for details.

9. Create a local account instead of sign in with Microsoft online account.

10. Do not make Cortana as your personal assistant.

11. Turn off privacy related settings.

12. Delay the HP computer registration.

13. Wait for the computer to finish the setup.

Congratulations! Your computer system setup process has been completed now.


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