Basic Structure of Windows Command


What are basic structure of a Windows command?



The structure of a Windows command has 3 parts:

name options redirections

   name - The name of a built-in command or a program 
   options - A list of options separated by spaces
   redirections - A list of I/O redirection operations

For example, if you want to run the "tree" command with the option of "\windows\System32\spool" and the redirection of "| more", you can put them together and run it as shown below:

C:\fyicenter>tree \windows\System32\spool | more

Folder PATH listing for volume Windows7_OS
Volume serial number is 22E4-7A4B
│   ├───color
│   ├───IA64
│   ├───W32X86
│   └───x64
│       ├───3
│       │   ├───en-US
│       │   └───mui
│       │       └───0409
│       └───PCC
│   └───x64
│       └───en-US
-- More  --


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Windows Command Syntax

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