Redirect STDOUT Stream for Command to File


How to redirect STDOUT stream from the screen to a file? I want the command to send output data to a file.



By default, the STDOUT stream for a command is mapped the screen. If the command is writing data to the STDIN stream, you will see it on the screen.

But, you can use the ">" redirect operator to redirect the STDOUT stream from the screen to a file as shown below:

command options > file-name

For example, the "DIR" command writes a list of files and sub-directories to the STDOUT stream. By default, "DIR" writes the list to the screen. But you can redirect it to a file as shown below:

C:\fyicenter>dir \windows\System32\spool > dir.txt

Now the file dir.txt contains the output of the "DIR" command. If you open it in notepad, you see the following:

 Directory of C:\windows\System32\spool

12/13/2016  11:15 AM    DIR          .
12/13/2016  11:15 AM    DIR          ..
07/13/2009  11:57 PM    DIR          drivers
12/12/2017  07:50 PM    DIR          PRINTERS
07/13/2009  10:20 PM    DIR          prtprocs
12/13/2016  11:14 AM    DIR          SERVERS
12/12/2017  09:51 AM    DIR          tools
               0 File(s)            0 bytes

Note that the "> file-name" direction will replace old content of the file, if it is an existing file.


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