Installing Yahoo! Messenger 8.1


How to install Yahoo! Messenger 8.1?



If you want to install Yahoo Messenger on your system, you should follow this tutorial:

1. Go to Yahoo home page and click the Messenger button. The Yahoo! Messenger home page shows up.

2. Click "Download now" button in the "download the full version of Yahoo! Messenger (8.1)" section. The download page shows up.

3. Click "Get Started" button. The "File Donwload" dialog box shows up.

4. Click "Run" button. The download process starts.

5. When the download is done, the "Do you want to run this software?" dialog box show up.

6. Click "Run" button. The "Installing Yahoo! Messenger" wizard shows up. Follow instructions to finish the installation.

7. When the installation is done, the Yahoo! Messenger login window shows up. Uncheck "Remember my ID & password" and "Sign in automatically" to reduce security risk. You are ready to used Yahoo! Messenger 8.1.
Yahoo! Messenger Login Window

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