ssdiag.exe - Diagnostic Traces Sonic Shared Driver Component


Can I remove startup application "ssdiag.exe - Diagnostic Traces Sonic Shared Driver Component" to speedup my computer and reduce security risk?



After you started your system, you see a small window shows up with a title of "Diagnostic Traces" and some text like this:

SSDIAG activated
new _DIAGWINDOW(DrvnQ117)
delete _DIAGWINDOW(DrvnQ117)
delete _DIAGWINDOW(DrvnPPqT)
new _DIAGWINDOW(DrvmCDB pending IO)
delete _DIAGWINDOW(DrvmCDB pending IO)
new _DIAGWINDOW(DrvmCDB pending IO)
delete _DIAGWINDOW(DrvmCDB pending IO)
AllocateBuffer FF904000
AllocateBuffer FF8F4000
AllocateBuffer FF8E4000
AllocateBuffer FF8D4000
AllocateBuffer FF8C4000
AllocateBuffer FF8B4000
AllocateBuffer FF8A4000
AllocateBuffer FF894000
new _DIAGWINDOW(DrvmCDB pending IO)

Diagnostic Traces is linked ssdiag.exe program with the following information:

CPU usage: 00 %
Memory usage: 2,744 K
Launching method: System Startup
Directory: C:\WINDOWS
File name: ssdiag.exe
Description: Shared Driver Component
Size: 57,401 bytes
Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2004, 11:28:56 AM
Company name: Sonic Solutions  
System essential: No
Virus/Spyware/Adware: No

ssdiag.exe is installed as part of the Sonic Drive Letter Access program in the \Progam Files\Sonic\DLA directory. You definitely should remove ssdiag.exe from the startup application list to speed up your computer and reduce security risk. More information on ssdiag.exe.

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