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C: Drive Authorization settings?
What should the C: Drive permission be set to? System, with Admin & users? or Administrator? with System and users added with full privileges? I had an x-employee who thought he was our IT guy and changed the permissions on a desk top. I'm no IT guy either but I Know enough to be very dangerous ...
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YInstStarter - What does it do?
What, exactly, does YInstStarter do? I've had problems before with one or another of Windows updates interfering with some program or application, and I suspect that YInstStarter is another one of these Microsoft things that may be a good idea, but isn't well enough thought out that it doesn't cause...
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Removing ssdiag.exe - Diagnostic Traces Sonic Shared Driver Component
How to remove ssdiag.exe from the startup application list to gain performance and reduce security risk? Startup application ssdiag.exe is installed as part of the Sonic Drive Letter Access program offering diagnostic data. More information on ssdiag.exe. If you want to remove ssdiag.exe from the st...
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ssdiag.exe - Diagnostic Traces Sonic Shared Driver Component
Can I remove startup application "ssdiag.exe - Diagnostic Traces Sonic Shared Driver Component" to speedup my computer and reduce security risk? After you started your system, you see a small window shows up with a title of "Diagnostic Traces" and some text like this: SSDIAG activated new _DIAGWINDO...
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Windows XP SP2 Process Checklist
How do I know which processes to keep or remove on my Windows XP SP2 systems? When you look at the process list on the Task Manager window, you see some strange process names. But you are not sure if you can remove them. What you need to do is to look at our process checklist below. is...
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