I keep getting a Mail Can't Open message, how do I fix it?


Whenever I try to open the mail app I get a white screen with a grey banner that says Mail Can't Open and then links to this site.

It also happens with people, Calendar and Messaging.
I have rebooted and even refreshed, my resolution is 1920*1080.

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Although I'm not sure what caused the problem to occur, I was able to resolve it.

I went into Control Panel (by typing "Control Panel" at the start screen)

In Control Panel I selected "User Accounts and Family Safety"

From there I selected "User Accounts"

From there I selected "Make changes to my account in PC settings"

From there I changed my account to a local account.

After that, I changed my account back to a Microsoft account.

Everything works as it did before.

Now if I only knew what caused the problem because I have no way of knowing if it will happen again.

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