Creating a new folder in the Metro file picker


Try saving an attachment from the Mail metro app. You get the new Metro file picker, which is alright. What you don't get, however, is a New folder button. I still don't get how you are supposed to use this file picker to save files when you cannot even create a new folder. 50-75 % of the time when I save a file, I create a new folder. Thus the lack of a New folder button is a serious issue. And no, directing me to use Windows Explorer on the desktop (!) is NOT a valid answer.

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In Windows 8, we have built a picking & saving experience that is tailored for those experiences specifically. It's always a tough balance to make sure the user can accomplish their scenario in a fast and fluid way (without distractions) while also having the necessary functionality to complete their scenario. In this case, we have an existing tool (file explorer) that is great at file management tasks (including new folder) that has been improved even more in Windows 8 (see Improvements in Windows Explorer blog post). This allowed us to keep the file picker focused purely on picking/saving while not duplicating functionality that already exists in file explorer.

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