Driver Card NVIDIA Gforce Go 6150


I have a problem wiht the Drivers Video Card, I have a laptop HP dv6448se and the video card are a NVIDIA Gforce Go 6150, but I can´t found the drivers.

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Windows 8 is unfinished and unsupported.
If you are bothering to test it, you should know how to troubleshoot and work on these issues yourself, in accordance with the FAQs about it... (Linked and repeated in this reply later on...)

Having said that, the support for your nVidia Video Device comes from... HP first followed by nVidia (Assembled system OEM and then individual component OEM.) Doesn't matter what operating system you utilize.

According to nVidia's site about Windows 8:

The GeForce Go 6100/6150 is supported (or was for the Consumer Preview - so one would hope it would not drop in the Release Preview) under Windows 8.


The 64-bit Windows 8 drivers for the GeForce Go 6150 can be gotten here.

The 32-bit Windows 8 drivers for the GeForce Go 6150 can be gotten here.

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