Create New Scheduled Task on Windows 7


How to create a new scheduled task on Windows 7?



You can follow this tutorial on how to create a new scheduled task on Windows 7.

1. Open the Task Scheduler.

2. Click on "FYIcenter" folder under the "Task Scheduler Library". You see no scheduled task in the folder.

3. Right-click on "FYIcenter" folder and select "Create Task" from the context menu. You see the "Create Task" window with "General" tab open.

4. Enter "Ping Google" as the name of the new task.

5. Check the "Run only when user is logged on" radio button.

6. Click "Actions" tab. You see no actions listed.

7. Click "New". You see the "New Action" windows.

8. Enter "C:\Windows\System32\PING.EXE" in the "Program/script" field and "" in the "Add arguments" field.

9. Click "OK" to close the "New Action" window.

10. Click "OK" to clock the "Create Task" window.

A new task is created. See the next tutorial to add triggers to trigger the execution of the task.

The picture below shows you how to create task with Task Scheduler on Windows 7:
Windows 7 - Create New Task with Task Scheduler


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