IE Enhanced Security Configuration - on Windows Server 2016


Why am I getting the "Content from the Website is being blocked" error on my Windows Server 2016?



By default the "IE Enhanced Security Configuration" setting is turned on on my Windows Server 2016. This will set all Websites in the Internet zone to the highest security validation level.

When you use Internet Explorer (IE) to access local Websites or Intranet Websites, security validation level will be much level, because they are trusted. And you will have no issues.

When you use Internet Explorer (IE) to access external Websites on the Internet, security validation level will be very high. And you will see the following error, because validations are failing.

Content from the Website listed below is being blocked 
by the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. 

If you trust this website, you can lower the security settings 
for the site by adding it to the Trusted site zone. 

You can follow the above suggestion to add each Website you are visiting to the "Trusted" zone. Or you can turn off the "IE Enhanced Security Configuration" setting:

1. Click "Start" button.

2. Click to run "Server Manager". You see the Server Manager screen.

3. Click to open "Local Server" on the left. You see system properties and settings of your machine:

4. Click to open the "IE Enhanced Security Configuration" setting.

5. Change the settings:

Administrators: Off
Users: Off

6. Click "OK" to save changes.

Windows Server 2016 - IE Enhanced Security Configuration


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