Default Services on Windows 10 Enterprise


What are default system services on Windows 10 Enterprise?



On a new Windows 10 Enterprise system, you should have the following default services.

Run the "Get-Service" PowerShell command to dump a list of all services:

PS C:\Users\fyicenter> get-service

Status   Name               DisplayName
------   ----               -----------
Running  AESMService        Intel® SGX AESM
Stopped  AJRouter           AllJoyn Router Service
Stopped  ALG                Application Layer Gateway Service
Stopped  AppIDSvc           Application Identity
Running  Appinfo            Application Information
Stopped  AppMgmt            Application Management
Stopped  AppReadiness       App Readiness
Stopped  AppVClient         Microsoft App-V Client
Stopped  AppXSvc            AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)
Stopped  AssignedAccessM... AssignedAccessManager Service
Running  AudioEndpointBu... Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
Running  Audiosrv           Windows Audio
Stopped  AxInstSV           ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV)
Stopped  BcastDVRUserSer... GameDVR and Broadcast User Service_...
Stopped  BDESVC             BitLocker Drive Encryption Service
Running  BFE                Base Filtering Engine
Stopped  BITS               Background Intelligent Transfer Ser...
Stopped  BluetoothUserSe... Bluetooth User Support Service_cd548a
Running  BNPagent           Bradford Persistent Agent Service
Running  BrokerInfrastru... Background Tasks Infrastructure Ser...
Running  BTAGService        Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service
Running  BthAvctpSvc        AVCTP service
Running  bthserv            Bluetooth Support Service
Running  camsvc             Capability Access Manager Service
Stopped  CaptureService_... CaptureService_cd548a
Running  CcmExec            SMS Agent Host
Running  CDPSvc             Connected Devices Platform Service
Running  CDPUserSvc_cd548a  Connected Devices Platform User Ser...
Running  CertPropSvc        Certificate Propagation
Running  ClickToRunSvc      Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service
Stopped  ClipSVC            Client License Service (ClipSVC)
Running  CmRcService        Configuration Manager Remote Control
Stopped  COMSysApp          COM+ System Application
Running  CoreMessagingRe... CoreMessaging
Running  cphs               Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Se...
Running  cplspcon           Intel(R) Content Protection HDCP Se...
Running  CryptSvc           Cryptographic Services
Stopped  CscService         Offline Files
Running  DcomLaunch         DCOM Server Process Launcher
Stopped  defragsvc          Optimize drives
Running  DeviceAssociati... Device Association Service
Stopped  DeviceInstall      Device Install Service
Stopped  DevicePickerUse... DevicePicker_cd548a
Stopped  DevicesFlowUser... DevicesFlow_cd548a
Stopped  DevQueryBroker     DevQuery Background Discovery Broker
Running  Dhcp               DHCP Client
Stopped  diagnosticshub.... Microsoft (R) Diagnostics Hub Stand...
Stopped  diagsvc            Diagnostic Execution Service
Running  DiagTrack          Connected User Experiences and Tele...
Stopped  DmEnrollmentSvc    Device Management Enrollment Service
Stopped  dmwappushservice   dmwappushsvc
Running  Dnscache           DNS Client
Running  Dolby DAX2 API ... Dolby DAX2 API Service
Running  DolbyDAXAPI        Dolby DAX API Service
Running  DoSvc              Delivery Optimization
Running  dot3svc            Wired AutoConfig
Running  DPS                Diagnostic Policy Service
Stopped  DsmSvc             Device Setup Manager
Stopped  DsSvc              Data Sharing Service
Running  DusmSvc            Data Usage
Running  Eaphost            Extensible Authentication Protocol
Stopped  EFS                Encrypting File System (EFS)
Stopped  embeddedmode       Embedded Mode
Stopped  EntAppSvc          Enterprise App Management Service
Running  esifsvc            Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Therm...
Running  EventLog           Windows Event Log
Running  EventSystem        COM+ Event System
Running  EvtEng             Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Event Log
Stopped  Fax                Fax
Stopped  fdPHost            Function Discovery Provider Host
Stopped  FDResPub           Function Discovery Resource Publica...
Stopped  fhsvc              File History Service
Running  FirmwareSwitchS... FirmwareSwitchService
Running  FontCache          Windows Font Cache Service
Running  FontCache3.0.0.0   Windows Presentation Foundation Fon...
Stopped  FrameServer        Windows Camera Frame Server
Running  gpsvc              Group Policy Client
Stopped  GraphicsPerfSvc    GraphicsPerfSvc
Stopped  gupdate            Google Update Service (gupdate)
Stopped  gupdatem           Google Update Service (gupdatem)
Running  hidserv            Human Interface Device Service
Stopped  HvHost             HV Host Service
Stopped  iaStorAfsService   Intel(R) Optane(TM) Memory Service
Running  IBMPMSVC           Lenovo PM Service
Running  ibtsiva            Intel Bluetooth Service
Stopped  icssvc             Windows Mobile Hotspot Service
Running  igfxCUIService2... Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel ...
Stopped  IKEEXT             IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
Stopped  InstallService     Microsoft Store Install Service
Running  Intel(R) XMM736... Intel(R) XMM7360 WWAN Service
Running  iphlpsvc           IP Helper
Stopped  IpxlatCfgSvc       IP Translation Configuration Service
Stopped  irmon              Infrared monitor service
Running  KeyIso             CNG Key Isolation
Stopped  KtmRm              KtmRm for Distributed Transaction C...
Running  LanmanServer       Server
Running  LanmanWorkstation  Workstation
Running  Lenovo Instant On  Lenovo EasyResume Service
Running  lfsvc              Geolocation Service
Running  LicenseManager     Windows License Manager Service
Running  LITSSVC            Lenovo Intelligent Thermal Solution...
Stopped  lltdsvc            Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper
Running  lmhosts            TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
Stopped  lpasvc             Microsoft Policy Platform Local Aut...
Running  LPlatSvc           Lenovo Platform Service
Stopped  lppsvc             Microsoft Policy Platform Processor
Running  LSM                Local Session Manager
Stopped  LxpSvc             Language Experience Service
Stopped  MapsBroker         Downloaded Maps Manager
Stopped  MessagingServic... MessagingService_cd548a
Running  ModemAuthentica... ModemAuthenticatorService
Running  mpssvc             Windows Defender Firewall
Stopped  MSDTC              Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Stopped  MSiSCSI            Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service
Stopped  msiserver          Windows Installer
Stopped  MyWiFiDHCPDNS      Wireless PAN DHCP Server
Stopped  NaturalAuthenti... Natural Authentication
Stopped  NcaSvc             Network Connectivity Assistant
Running  NcbService         Network Connection Broker
Stopped  NcdAutoSetup       Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup
Running  Netlogon           Netlogon
Stopped  Netman             Network Connections
Running  netprofm           Network List Service
Running  NetSetupSvc        Network Setup Service
Stopped  NetTcpPortSharing  Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service
Stopped  NgcCtnrSvc         Microsoft Passport Container
Stopped  NgcSvc             Microsoft Passport
Running  NlaSvc             Network Location Awareness
Running  nsi                Network Store Interface Service
Running  OneSyncSvc_cd548a  Sync Host_cd548a
Stopped  ose                Office  Source Engine
Stopped  p2pimsvc           Peer Networking Identity Manager
Stopped  p2psvc             Peer Networking Grouping
Running  PcaSvc             Program Compatibility Assistant Ser...
Stopped  PeerDistSvc        BranchCache
Stopped  PerfHost           Performance Counter DLL Host
Stopped  PhoneSvc           Phone Service
Stopped  PimIndexMainten... Contact Data_cd548a
Stopped  pla                Performance Logs & Alerts
Running  PlugPlay           Plug and Play
Stopped  PNRPAutoReg        PNRP Machine Name Publication Service
Stopped  PNRPsvc            Peer Name Resolution Protocol
Running  PolicyAgent        IPsec Policy Agent
Running  Power              Power
Stopped  PrintNotify        Printer Extensions and Notifications
Stopped  PrintWorkflowUs... PrintWorkflow_cd548a
Running  ProfSvc            User Profile Service
Running  PulseSecureService Pulse Secure Service
Stopped  PushToInstall      Windows PushToInstall Service
Stopped  QWAVE              Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
Stopped  RasAuto            Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
Running  RasMan             Remote Access Connection Manager
Running  RegSrvc            Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Registry S...
Stopped  RemoteAccess       Routing and Remote Access
Stopped  RemoteRegistry     Remote Registry
Stopped  RetailDemo         Retail Demo Service
Running  RmSvc              Radio Management Service
Running  RpcEptMapper       RPC Endpoint Mapper
Stopped  RpcLocator         Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
Running  RpcSs              Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Running  RtkAudioUnivers... Realtek Audio Universal Service
Running  SamSs              Security Accounts Manager
Stopped  SCardSvr           Smart Card
Stopped  ScDeviceEnum       Smart Card Device Enumeration Service
Running  Schedule           Task Scheduler
Stopped  SCPolicySvc        Smart Card Removal Policy
Stopped  SDRSVC             Windows Backup
Stopped  seclogon           Secondary Logon
Running  SecurityHealthS... Windows Defender Security Center Se...
Running  SEMgrSvc           Payments and NFC/SE Manager
Running  SENS               System Event Notification Service
Stopped  Sense              Windows Defender Advanced Threat Pr...
Stopped  SensorDataService  Sensor Data Service
Stopped  SensorService      Sensor Service
Stopped  SensrSvc           Sensor Monitoring Service
Running  SessionEnv         Remote Desktop Configuration
Running  SgrmBroker         System Guard Runtime Monitor Broker
Stopped  SharedAccess       Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
Stopped  SharedRealitySvc   Spatial Data Service
Running  ShellHWDetection   Shell Hardware Detection
Stopped  shpamsvc           Shared PC Account Manager
Stopped  smphost            Microsoft Storage Spaces SMP
Stopped  SmsRouter          Microsoft Windows SMS Router Service.
Stopped  smstsmgr           ConfigMgr Task Sequence Agent
Stopped  SNMPTRAP           SNMP Trap
Stopped  spectrum           Windows Perception Service
Running  Spooler            Print Spooler
Stopped  sppsvc             Software Protection
Running  SSDPSRV            SSDP Discovery
Stopped  ssh-agent          OpenSSH Authentication Agent
Running  SstpSvc            Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Se...
Running  StateRepository    State Repository Service
Stopped  stisvc             Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
Running  StorSvc            Storage Service
Stopped  svsvc              Spot Verifier
Stopped  swprv              Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Prov...
Running  SynTPEnhService    SynTPEnh Caller Service
Running  SysMain            Superfetch
Running  SystemEventsBroker System Events Broker
Running  TabletInputService Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Pane...
Stopped  TapiSrv            Telephony
Running  TermService        Remote Desktop Services
Running  Themes             Themes
Running  ThunderboltService Thunderbolt(TM) Service
Stopped  TieringEngineSe... Storage Tiers Management
Running  TimeBrokerSvc      Time Broker
Running  TokenBroker        Web Account Manager
Running  TrkWks             Distributed Link Tracking Client
Stopped  TrustedInstaller   Windows Modules Installer
Stopped  tzautoupdate       Auto Time Zone Updater
Stopped  UevAgentService    User Experience Virtualization Service
Running  UmRdpService       Remote Desktop Services UserMode Po...
Stopped  UnistoreSvc_cd548a User Data Storage_cd548a
Stopped  upnphost           UPnP Device Host
Stopped  UserDataSvc_cd548a User Data Access_cd548a
Running  UserManager        User Manager
Running  UsoSvc             Update Orchestrator Service
Stopped  VacSvc             Volumetric Audio Compositor Service
Running  VaultSvc           Credential Manager
Stopped  vds                Virtual Disk
Stopped  vmicguestinterface Hyper-V Guest Service Interface
Stopped  vmicheartbeat      Hyper-V Heartbeat Service
Stopped  vmickvpexchange    Hyper-V Data Exchange Service
Stopped  vmicrdv            Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualizati...
Stopped  vmicshutdown       Hyper-V Guest Shutdown Service
Stopped  vmictimesync       Hyper-V Time Synchronization Service
Stopped  vmicvmsession      Hyper-V PowerShell Direct Service
Stopped  vmicvss            Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requestor
Stopped  VSS                Volume Shadow Copy
Running  W32Time            Windows Time
Stopped  WaaSMedicSvc       Windows Update Medic Service
Stopped  WalletService      WalletService
Stopped  WarpJITSvc         WarpJITSvc
Stopped  wbengine           Block Level Backup Engine Service
Stopped  WbioSrvc           Windows Biometric Service
Running  Wcmsvc             Windows Connection Manager
Stopped  wcncsvc            Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar
Running  WdiServiceHost     Diagnostic Service Host
Running  WdiSystemHost      Diagnostic System Host
Running  WdNisSvc           Windows Defender Antivirus Network ...
Stopped  WebClient          WebClient
Stopped  Wecsvc             Windows Event Collector
Stopped  WEPHOSTSVC         Windows Encryption Provider Host Se...
Stopped  wercplsupport      Problem Reports and Solutions Contr...
Stopped  WerSvc             Windows Error Reporting Service
Stopped  WFDSConMgrSvc      Wi-Fi Direct Services Connection Ma...
Stopped  WiaRpc             Still Image Acquisition Events
Running  WinDefend          Windows Defender Antivirus Service
Running  WinHttpAutoProx... WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Se...
Running  Winmgmt            Windows Management Instrumentation
Stopped  WinRM              Windows Remote Management (WS-Manag...
Stopped  wisvc              Windows Insider Service
Running  WlanSvc            WLAN AutoConfig
Stopped  wlidsvc            Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant
Stopped  wlpasvc            Local Profile Assistant Service
Stopped  wmiApSrv           WMI Performance Adapter
Stopped  WMPNetworkSvc      Windows Media Player Network Sharin...
Stopped  workfolderssvc     Work Folders
Stopped  WpcMonSvc          Parental Controls
Stopped  WPDBusEnum         Portable Device Enumerator Service
Running  WpnService         Windows Push Notifications System S...
Running  WpnUserService_... Windows Push Notifications User Ser...
Running  wscsvc             Security Center
Running  WSearch            Windows Search
Stopped  wuauserv           Windows Update
Stopped  WwanSvc            WWAN AutoConfig
Stopped  xbgm               Xbox Game Monitoring
Stopped  XblAuthManager     Xbox Live Auth Manager
Stopped  XblGameSave        Xbox Live Game Save
Stopped  XboxGipSvc         Xbox Accessory Management Service
Stopped  XboxNetApiSvc      Xbox Live Networking Service
Running  ZeroConfigService  Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Zero Confi...


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