Default User Groups on Windows 10 Enterprise


What are default local user groups on Windows 10 Enterprise?



On a new Windows 10 Enterprise system, you should have the following default local user groups.

1. Go to "Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools".

2. Click to run "Computer Management".

3. Click to open "System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups". You see a list of default local user groups:

Access Control Assistance Operators
Backup Operators
Certificate Service DCOM Access
Cryptographic Operators
Distributed COM Users
Event Log Readers
Hyper-V Administrators
Network Configuration Operators
Performance Log Users
Performance Monitor Users
Power Users
Print Operators
RDS Endpoint Servers
RDS Management Servers
RDS Remote Access Servers
Remote Desktop Users
Remote Management Users
Storage Replica Administrators
System Managed Accounts Group


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