What Is Services Console on Windows XP?


What Is the Services console on Windows XP? Can I use it to stop a service?

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Services console on Windows XP is a special console window created from Microsoft Management Console program that allows you to monitor and configure services defined on the Windows XP system.

The primary access path of Service console on Windows XP is "Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services".

Main functionalities provided by the Services console are:

  • List all services defined on the system with their current statuses.
  • Display detailed properties of a services with information including service name, display name, description, executable path, parameters, dependencies, etc.
  • Stop a service, if it is currently running.
  • Start a service, if it is currently stopped.
  • Disable a service, if it is currently enabled.
  • Enable a service, if it is currently disabled.

Picture below shows you an example of Windows XP Services console screen:
Windows XP Services Console Screen


Services Console on Windows XP

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