View Service Details on Windows XP Service Console


How to view detailed information on services on the Windows XP Services console?

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If you want to view detailed information of a service on the Windows XP Services console, you can follow this tutorial:

1. Start the Services console as shown in the previous tutorial.

2. Scroll service list up and down to locate the service that you are interested in, for example "Print Spooler".

3. Double-click on "Print Spooler". You will see the "Print Spooler Properties" screen showing up.

4. Click on "General", "Log On", "Recovery" and "Dependencies" tabs to read detailed information about "Print Spooler" service.

For example, the "General" tab for "Print Spooler" service says:

Service name: Spooler
Display name: Print Spooler
Execution command: C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe
Start type: Automatic
Service status: Started

Picture below shows you how to use Services console to view service details:
Windows XP Services Console - View Service Details


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