How to Upgrade My Computer to Windows 10?


How to upgrade my computer to Windows 10? I am currently running Windows 8. I heard that Microsoft offers a free upgrade.



Yes. Microsoft offers a free upgrade from Windows 8 to 10. You can follow these steps to perform the upgrade yourself.

1. Download Windows 10

1.1. Go to and clicks the "Windows 10" box. You will see a screen with "Windows 10 is here. And you can get it for free."

1.2. Click the "Upgrade now" button. You will see a download prompt.

1.3. Save the download file, GetWindows10-Web_Default_Attr.exe, to your download folder. And wait for the download to finish.

1.4. Run the downloaded file. It will start to download the entire Windows 10 system. This will take several hours, depending on your Internet speed.

Do not turn off your computer and wait the download to finish with 100%. Then continue with the installation step below.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade - Download
Windows 10 Free Upgrade - Download

2. Install Windows 10

2.1. When download is completed, you will see the "License Terms" screen.

2.2. Click the "Accept" button, you will see the "Ready to Install" scree with 2 items listed:

  • Install Windows 10 Home.
  • Keep personal files and apps.

2.3. Click the "Install" button. Windows 10 installation process will start.

Do not turn off your computer and wait the installation to finish. Then continue with the setup step below.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade - Installation
Windows 10 Free Upgrade - Installation

3. Set up Windows 10

3.1. When installation is down, you will see the "Get going fast" screen with the following message:

Personalize your speech, typing, and inking input by sending contacts
and calendar details, along with other associated input data to
Microsoft. Let Microsoft use that info to improve the suggestion
and recognition platforms.

Let Windows and apps request your location, including location
history, turn on Find My Device, and use your advertising ID to
personalize your experiences. Send Microsoft and trusted partners
some location data to improve location services.

Help protect you from malicious web content and use page prediction
to improve reading, speed up browsing, and make your overall
experience better in Windows browsers. Your browsing data will be
sent to Microsoft.

Automatically connect to suggested open hotspots and shared networks.
Not all networks are secure.

Get updates from and send updates to PCs on the Internet. Send full
error and diagnostic information to Microsoft.

Connect with friends. Let Skype use your contacts and verify your
phone number. SMS charges may apply.

Do Not Track is off, but you can turn it on in browser settings.

3.2. Before continuing the set up, read the above warnings carefully. The "Use Express" option does allow Microsoft to collect a lot of data, but it is easier to follow and you can change some settings later if you are concerned.

3.4. Click the "Use Express settings" button to finish setting up Windows 10.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade - Setup
Windows 10 Free Upgrade - Setup

Enjoy your new system, Windows 10!


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