"readcd" - Read Raw Data From CD


"readcd" - Read Raw Data From CD

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Tool in the "cdrtools" package is called "readcd", which allows you to read raw data from any CD-ROM by given sector locations. "readcd" takes an option called "sectors=<start>-<end+1>".
Here is the README.TXT file where is located.

C:\>\local\cdrtools\isoinfo dev=0,0,0 -l | find "README.TXT"
---------- 0 0 0     1733 Dec 11 2006 [32841 00] README.TXT;1 

C:\>\local\cdrtools\readcd dev=0,0,0 sectors=32841-32842 
  -f \temp\readme.txt

Read  speed:  1764 kB/s (CD  10x, DVD  1x).
Write speed:  2823 kB/s (CD  16x, DVD  2x).
Capacity: 33034 Blocks = 66068 kBytes = 64 MBytes = 67 prMB
Sectorsize: 2048 Bytes
Copy from SCSI (0,0,0) disk to file '\temp\readme.txt'
end:     32842
addr:    32842 cnt: 1
Time total: 2.283sec
Read 2.00 kB at 0.9 kB/sec.

C:\>type \temp\readme.txt | more

This E228WFP.INF file is a digitally signed driver that supports 
the following Dell monitor in Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP and x64 
operating systems and Windows(R) Vista operating systems:

Dell E228WFP


Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP and x64 Operating System

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