Configuring PHP Execution Environments


How to configure PHP execution environments?


If you followed our Downloading PHP Engine tutorial, you are ready to follow this tutorial to configure PHP execution environment. Without this configuration, you will some execution errors as described in our php5ts.dll Error tutorial.

1. Click the Start button.

2. Right mouse click My Computer, and select Properties. The System Properties dialog box shows up.

3. Click the Advanced tab, then click the Environment Variables button. The Environment Variables dialog box shows up.

4. Locate the Path variable in the System variable section, and click Edit button. The Edit System Variable dialog box shows up.

5. Add the following two directories to the end of the variable value:

;C:\Program Files\php-5.2.0-Win32
;C:\Program Files\php-5.2.0-Win32\ext

6. You need to add those directories in the same value as shown in the picture below: Path Environment Variable for PHP

7. Click OK buttons to close all dialog box windows.

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