Viewing VCD Track Layout


Viewing VCD Track Layout

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The next test to view the track layout of VCD with IsoBuster.

1. Insert the VCD into the CD drive. Start IsoBuster.
2. IsoBuster shows sessions and tracks in a tree structure.
3. Click on Track 01. The ISO icon shows up. So Track 01 is ISO 9660 file system. Click the right mouse button to view its properties box. Track 01 only occupies 859 sectors (from 0 to 858) with 2048 bytes per sector. Track 01 contains only the file directory structure. Contents of MPEG files listed in \MPEGAV directory are stored on separate tracks.
4. Click on Track 02. It has no ISO icon. So Track 02 is has no ISO 9660 file system. It is a pure raw data track. Its properties box shows: 15,537 sectors (from 859 to 16395) with 2048 per sector giving 31,819,776 bytes of capacity.
5. Click on Track 01 > ISO > MPEGAV > MUSIC01.DAT. Its properties box shows: 15,377 sectors (starts from 859) with 2048 per sector giving 31,492,096 bytes. This indicates that MUSIC01.DAT is stored at Track 02. There are 160 sectors not used at the end of the track.
6. Check other tracks.

VCD uses the first track to store an ISO 9660 file system to record only the file directory structure.
Contents of MPEGAV files are stored at separate tracks, one file per track.
\MPEGAV directory contains MPEGAV file names and starting addresses of separate tracks.
VCD can not be mapped to a single ISO 9660 image file.

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