Viewing DVD Track Layout


Viewing DVD Track Layout

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The next test to view the track layout of my DVD with IsoBuster.

1. Insert the DVD into the CD drive. Start IsoBuster.
2. IsoBuster shows sessions and tracks in a tree structure.
. Click on Track 01. The ISO icon shows up. So Track 01 has ISO 9660 file system. Click the right mouse button to view its properties box. Track 01 only occupies 4,004,928 sectors (from 0 to 4,004,927) with 2048 bytes per sector, giving 8,202,092,544 bytes.
4. Below the ISO file system is another file system called UDF, which serves as extension to ISO 9660 to record file names and directory names with much less restrictions.
5. Below the UDF file system is another file system called IFD, which only contains the VIDEO_TS directory.

DVD track structure is simpler than VCD. DVD has only one track.
A DVD track can be very long, more than 8 GB.
DVD has 3 file systems on it: ISO 9660, UDF, and IFD.
DVD can be mapped to an ISO image file.

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