Viewing CD-DA (Audio CD) Track Layout


Viewing CD-DA (Audio CD) Track Layout

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The next test to view the track layout of an Audio CD (CD-DA) with IsoBuster.

1. Insert the Audio CD into the CD drive. Start IsoBuster.
2. IsoBuster shows sessions and tracks in a tree structure.
3. Click on Track 01. It has no ISO icon. So Track 01 is has no ISO 9660 file system. It is a pure raw data track. Click the right mouse button to view its properties box. Track 01 occupies 21,656 sectors (from 0 to 21,655) with 2352 bytes per sector, giving 50,934,912 bytes.
4. Check other tracks. They have similar properties.
Audio CD uses a very simple track structure. One track one music. Sector (block) size is 2352 bytes.

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