.ISO File Name Extension - ISO Files


.ISO File Name Extension - ISO Files

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.iso is the file name extension for files storing ISO 9660 file system binary images.
ISO 9660 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1988. It defines a file system for CD-ROM media (data CD based on the Yellow Book specification) to support different computer operating systems such as Unix, Windows and Mac OS, so that data may be exchanged.

ISO 9660 standard allows data to be stored on CD-ROM as files, and files are organized as a file directory tree.
ISO 9660 image files are usually created in two ways:
* A CD-R burner software collects all input data and creates an ISO 9660 image file before writing the image file to the disc.
* A CD-ROM tool that reads in the entire CD-ROM as a binary image and store it as a single ISO 9660 image file.

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